The false ceiling makes an exciting change!

by Green Kalam Interior Designers |August 3, 2019 | Interior designs

False ceiling or Suspended ceiling, hand below the main ceiling. The best False ceiling Contractors in Chennai creates an exciting change in your home or office. It is an ideal way to add bright and style to the regular ceiling. It also adds value to the modern Interior designing and construction values. False Ceiling is mostly used for creating a welcoming look to the living room. Nestle of the different false ceiling gives a layered look ceiling. It is easy to make a room dramatic and impressive by adding different lights. It provides a hygienic surface and beautiful finish from the unhygienic dirty ceilings.

Increase the beauty of the room

A false ceiling can improve the beauty of the room. It is the main part of interior designing with a low budget. It has a wide variety based on the materials and models. The basic three types are gypsum, plaster of paris and metal false ceiling.

Can be customized and available in various materials

False Ceilings can be customized into one’s wish. It is of different materials such as gypsum, fiber, plaster of paris, wooden, glass, metal, synthetic leather or cloth ceiling. By adding different kinds of lights can make the room brighter and consequently reduce the need for more lights.

Comfort in all seasons

It is very comfortable all season. Artificial false ceilings are fire resistant, moist resistant and it creates the room cool in summer and warm in the winter season.


These artificial ceilings are eco-friendly and it can reduce the carbon footprints. It is composed of the recycling of elements that are regarded as eco-safe.

Fire and Sound Proof

It also provides safe from fire and also soundproof. These are the major benefits of a false ceiling in Interior Designing.

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