• Green Kalam interior Designer is a firm who go ahead the concept of Green building technology. Green building is a representative of sustainable building environments. This approach ensures health and comport of the building occupants through the use of sustainable building materials.
  • The Service offered by us using Green building materials which are recommended by LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design as specified in Green building Council.
  • The Project will not disturb the Land, Water, resources and the energy in and around the building.
  • Uses and Benefits
    • Energy & Atmosphere:

    High insulating properties, Low embodied energy

    • Material Resources:

    Reduces environmental impact due to local transportation

    • High recycled content
    • Indoor environmental quality:

    Improves the air quality in indoor environments

    • Water efficiency (Water free): Gypsum Plaster board construction for walls is also called dry construction, implying no water usage.


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