False Ceiling popular in Interior Designing

by Green Kalam Interior |June 22, 2019 | Interior designs

False ceiling or suspended ceiling is a ceiling which is hung from the original surface. They increase the value of modern construction values and architectural designs. Ceilings are varied in terms of pattern and length according to their variety of designs including suspended drywall ceiling, concealed grid ceiling, exposed grid ceiling and bandraster. False ceiling Designs in Chennai are popular among the people in Interior Designing. After choosing the type of drop ceiling, consider the type of tiles to use on it.

Types of Tiles for Drop Ceiling

  • Wood Tiles: People choose wood tiles to create a feel of the natural atmosphere in living space.
  • Façade Tin Tiles: Preferred for laboratories and offices, a sophisticated look will be obtained.
  • Glue up Tiles: Reduce the heat and effect of weather and which are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stretched Tiles: It gives a luxurious look in the installation place and the cost is more.

The preference of false ceiling was depending on the ease of installation and ease of removal.

False ceilings are popular these days to change the look, style and feel of the ceiling. The installing process begins with wires which are often attached to the ceiling. These make the room in a better way for wiring and exposed piping is routed through rooms and covered by the ceiling tiles. Some builders use to recommend wood for drop ceiling to enhance the décor. Also, False Ceilings are eco-friendly, safety from fire, resistant to moisture. Choose the best False ceiling Decorators in Chennai for design the good Home or Office Interior works.

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