False Ceiling for a better look

by Green Kalam Interior |May 29, 2019 | Interior designs

Looking for a great False Ceiling work?

False ceilings are in many varieties and it makes a huge difference in the impact of the room. False ceiling is simply a supported ceiling below the regular ceiling. If you want a dramatic and impressive look in your room, you should consider the false ceiling designs. You can nestle different ceilings to create a layered look and can add different lights. False ceiling Decorators in Chennai will make our home or office into a different look.

Three main types of false ceiling materials are

Gypsum – having properties like flexible, lightweight, strong and fire resistant.

Metal – minimalistic and clean look and perfect in the places of heavy machinery or industrial sized rooms.

Plaster of Paris – having a smooth and uniform appearance, they harden instantly and can be stuck on fiber.

Types of false ceiling

  • Exposed grid design
  • Concealed grid design
  • Suspended drywall ceiling
  • Bandraster

False ceilings are also known as suspended roofs as they are hanging beyond the actual surface. False ceiling plays an important role in the office or home that they not only revamp the surface but also conceal the electrical lines or cables in the room. The light colored ceiling has the capable of reflecting light and so it reduces the additional lights. False ceiling is available in readymade and also in a customized format.

Few advantages in False Ceiling:

Ease of installation – very easy to install the ceiling with the right type of tools.

Soundproof – lessen the noise and which is one of the biggest advantages.

Varieties of designs – The false ceilings are available in a different range of color, style, design, texture.

Fire resistant – provides fire safety that the tiles are fire resistant

Eco-friendly – which helps to reduce the number of carbon footprints and made with recycling products which are known to eco-friendly

Better access for hiding cables – better access in hiding network cables, plumbing wires and so on.

Resistant to moisture – it is also safe from moisture, bacteria, mold

Optimize light reflection – lights have the capability of reflecting light and reduces the extra needed lights.

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